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THE PLEIADIANS – Channeled through Christine Day



Beloved ones, we greet you. We honor your path and the individual journey that each one of you is taking here on the planet during this step of transition

. Your paths are unique as you navigate your way Home, as you step forward, reconnecting to your Higher Self. One path is not more than another, simply different.

Each one of you has made the pre-agreement to make the shift from having a human experience to consciously embody your sacredness while transforming your relationship with your human element in this lifetime. This is the prime objective you have come to realize at this time.

An essential part of this process is for you to move beyond the constraints of your limited ego mind’s perception of your abilities. By suspending your belief in limitation and lack as you move forward, you reach consciously inwards to interact with another level of you. Your sacred nature, your Higher Self, exists waiting, fully intact just beyond the veils.


As you engage with this aspect of yourself consciously, you reopen a doorway and move into another cycle of being. As you choose to reconnect to this part of your self, an unlimited potential of yourself can begin to unfold and you can begin to reengage and align to your Higher Self consciousness.

Through free will, you can set in motion a rippling of your unique light to begin actively flowing throughout your cells, creating a profound energetic reset within your physical and energetic systems. This reconnection will allow you to move into a different way of being within the world, with you beginning to be able to perceive the multidimensional nature that exists side by side with the illusion. This transformation is within your reach right now.

You are ready to initiate this change — and you are the only one who can activate the next phase of this process within you. Part of the “New Dawning” prophecy is that we, as human beings, are to resurrect ourselves in this lifetime. Remember: “You are who you have been waiting for.”


The energy on planet Earth has been transforming, preparing itself in readiness for you to make this transition. The veils have progressively become more fluid, making it easier for you to navigate your way through to the other side, to realign with your sacred nature to enable you to move beyond the third dimensional illusionary constraints so you can align to your energetic purpose held within the Higher Realms. This design has been created to bring you into the vast experience of reconnection of Self, allowing you to stabilize to your natural spiritual nature within your physical body, and within your heart.

There has been a slow and steady process of change taking place leading into this current year. The entire energetic core of the planet now carries a pure heartbeat of light, which is interacting within the God Consciousness light within this resident Universe. The third dimensional grid has undergone transmutation by moving from being immovable, like steel holding illusion in place for lifetimes, into a soft fluid light allowing these veils of illusion to lift and dissolve.

The third and final repositioning of the sun about to unfold at the moment of New Year will herald in a sacred shift of consciousness, which will anchor a new era for all of you who are ready. The action of the “Corridor of Light” will descend on the Earth.


At the moment of New Year, the winds of change will flow across the Earth plane and will have an action likened to a flash of lightning, shifting all that is old — and in that moment a new pulsating energetic grid will be birthed.

As the sun repositions itself, this “Corridor of Light” will take full root, creating the illumination of God light to flow through to each one of you who is open to receive. This light holds the purest frequency of love and carries the design of illumination within. This dynamic energy will flow within the cells of your heart, acting as a mirror. This energy reflects the light of the sun, and as it interacts and reconnects you to your multidimensional heart, your divine purpose will be revealed.

The main role of this reflection is to reopen a dormant pathway that has resided within your heart until this time. The forging and activation of this path will allow you to flourish within this new realm of light. This love is part of your natural multidimensional makeup.


For those of you on the path, you who are the seekers of Truth, this “Corridor of Light” creates an opportunity for the reopening of a heightened awareness of your sacred Higher Self. This reconnection enables you to engage with this love, which has always existed within your multidimensional heart. This love holds the design to replenish your human spirit.

The quality of this love has a very different action compared to what you have previously lived and experienced in the limited third dimensional world. This love knows no restriction, has no boundaries and knows no limitation. The action of this love is transformation and transmutation within all that has been broken down over time in your world. This can rejuvenate the human spirit and revive compassion within the ego mind, bringing a balm to the deep feelings of tiredness from living within the human experience. This love that is an aspect of you will arise through your heart cells and naturally extend to your human self, allowing for a deep rest.

This quality of love is designed to reunite humanity through the common element of your God Consciousness aspect, which has always resided within your hearts. This is the common thread that interweaves between individuals, and that will ultimately create the deep bond of love within communities.


Remember, there are two distinct sides of your makeup: you have your human aspect and your natural multidimensional sacred Higher Self. Up to this juncture in your collective lifetimes, you have played out your humanity and it is at this time in this transitional phase you forge new pathways through realignment to your sacredness, moving beyond the suffering and struggle of third dimensional illusion. Through the engagement within your multidimensional heart, you will experience freedom of limitation.

Now you must let go and know that you will experience an acceleration of energy within your own systems, especially within your heart as you move closer to the time of New Year. The cells of your heart are being prepared to receive and be activated within the dimensional expanded light of your own God essence. You must be willing to move into a place of “not knowing” throughout December and make a conscious movement of alignment within your heart. There is nothing more important at this juncture than to develop this connection and participate fully within the vastness of your heart in preparation.

As you get closer to the New Year, there will be further vibrational shifts, which will activate the magnetic core within the Earth in alignment to the sun. The magnetic core will be transmitting an elevated frequency pulse across the planet leading up to this happening. This is designed to set up the correct vibrational frequencies to enable the Earth plane to fully anchor the essence of the “Corridor of Light.” This current process is the Earth’s environment being totally redesigned on an energetic and multidimensional level.


These dramatic changes are going to strongly impact the way the third dimensional drama is played out. These changes will create a deeper unearthing of that which is hidden. Anything that is not of Truth will begin to surface in an accelerated wave across the planet this month. These waves have been taking place on many levels this year. Know that these changes are geared to accelerate and to build in momentum on an even grander scale during the month of December. There is nothing to fear. You simply need to witness this unfolding upheaval on a global scale while staying focused and connected within your hearts.

Know that any unresolved issues within you will begin to surface and be played out in your relationships, in your world. This must happen at this time because of the new energy flowing onto your planet. Welcome all that is coming up, because it brings liberation within you. It brings to you a deeper understanding of your humanness of imperfection and idiosyncrasies. Hold yourself with love and compassion in your sacred process of unfolding.

What is essential at this time is to be authentic to yourself and not fear that which is inside of you. Celebrate your human aspect within all of your feelings as they arise within you. Meet the moment and celebrate life just as it is in each and every moment. You can trust that “all is in hand” because this is a Truth.


The sun rises each morning to greet you and every day brings rays of preparatory light to your planet. Be aware of how you can align consciously to the rising sun and engage with these illumination rays. Claim the reflections from the sun, which holds the mirror of your own divine light up to you. This is your time to shine, like a beacon in the dark. You can illuminate others simply by aligning within the vastness of your heart.

There is a powerful process that you can begin to prepare yourself for at this time. As you open consciously at the New Year moment, the “Corridor of Light” will immediately illuminate directly into your heart cells. You have free will, so by your action of consciously engaging with the “Corridor of Light,” it can anchor the creation of an enormous acceleration of awakening within you.


Take your time during this process. Be still and breathe. Don’t let your ego mind rush you. You can do this process once a day if this feels right for you:

1. Bring your hands to your heart and feel the palms of your hands connect to your physical chest.

2. Bring three individual conscious breaths (breathe in from the mouth and out from the mouth) into the connection. Take one conscious breath and then let go. Take a moment to feel the letting go before proceeding to the next conscious breath.

3. Now bring in this frequency sound within the space where you are holding. Allow your awareness to fill the space that you are seeing, sensing or feeling and only then bring in the sound. Sound, SHAHN (pronounced sharn). Use the sound as many times until your feel, see or sense the space opening further.

4. Now gently move your palms off the chest, approximately 3 inches away from your body. Then bring your awareness into the space between your palms and your chest. Feel see or sense the opening, bring your awareness within the opening of the doorway.

5. Use the conscious breath, like a soft wind, within the opening. Now let go within the space, which is being revealed to you. Take your time to align fully into the energetic space that you are experiencing. Slow down and don’t rush. Do this three times.

6. Bring in your sound, SHAHN, into the space. Claim the space that is birthing by bringing your awareness fully within the space. Take your time to align and be still within the space. Use this sound as many times until the space is no longer revealing more of itself to you.

7. Gently bring all of your awareness to your hands on your chest, until you feel your body connected to the chair and your feet on the ground.

Know that you can call us, the Pleiadians forward at any time for support in your unfolding process. We witness all that you are in this moment.



Channeled through Christine Day ❤ ❤

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