Course Description

In this Love and Relationships online class, I share with you how to bring love into your life, have self love and how to enhance exisiting relationships.

With the use of Meditation, Visualization and psychology we will reprogram your beliefs, feelings and habits so you can attract a relationship and how to enhance your existing relationship. 

When you love, love yourself and continue to love yourself you change patterns and self-esteem that are formed, your relationships will change for the better.

Throughout this course, you will learn:

  • How to identify your patterns
  • Discover the psychology of those patterns
  • The Reasons why you play these patterns out over and over again
  • How to break these patterns
  • Energetically changing your outlook to change personal and professional relationships

Then, you will Manifest Happiness and what you have always wanted into your life. Enroll today below for one of our various programs!

Course Breakdown

This course is made of 1x 50 minute video and 13x BONUS small video focus subjects. Relationship circle PDF included.

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