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Working with Dorothy is a very special experience. I met Dorothy in women’s self development group I was apart of and instantly knew the knowledge and wisdom she was bringing was potent.  Her work and abilities; chanting and working in the quantum, was something I immediately “got” and understood through Dorothy messages and interpretation of the light from the guides and masters she communicates and surrounds herself with daily. Sharing this knowledge and experience through the channel as a client I am able to receive and understand the information
my “human brain” may be wanting to block or have difficulty accessing because of what society tells
us is available for us to access on our own. My spiritual journey is growing and activating through
work with Dorothy and I have really come so far with trusting the divine consciousness and allowing my brain to make the switch and operate in the quantum realm with safety and no fear
of spiraling out of control with the gift, power and access we all possess. If your thinking about a session with Dorothy, all I can say is integration. You want to have concepts from the divine quantum realm streamed into your soul through golden light, safety and peace? Dorothy is the
one for that 1000%. Thank you for your work

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