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Learning to let the light into your life with St Germain

Saint Germain, the Ascended Master, is the Cohan of the Seventh ray. He is a master alchemist of the sacred fire who holds with him the gift of the violet flame of freedom. In order for you to receive the greatest benefits from the violet flame, I recommend setting aside 15 minutes of uninterrupted time.

During this time you will allow Saint Germain and his Violet Flame put his beautiful violet cloak around you and allow the hood to come up above your head to quieten your mind and bring it into a deeper sense of stillness. Saint Germain will help you feel comfortable, nourished and nurtured. I notice that when I allow Saint Germain’s Hood to surround me it changes my brain waves into a quieter sense of being. Sit in that space for a moment and take a nice deep breath into Saint Germain’s really rich violet cloak. This will allow your brain waves to come into a quieter sense of being.

I would like to enlighten you about the story of light with thanks to Saint Germain encouraging me to do so. It is my belief that we are giants of light in a physical body and we have come to the planet to radiate ray after ray of light. When you live your life from your higher consciousness or your light-filled self you respond to life from a place of very deep awareness and clarity and you live with grace. The more you align to the light within yourself the clearer, more relaxed you will be. You will begin to make decisions that are very fortunate for you and bring a balance of goodness and wholeness into your life and those around you.

Ever since the end of the last millennium in 2012, the light frequencies are getting stronger every day. The light is getting brighter in the planet and every second new filaments of light are coming into the planet through the trees, the plants, our structure and everything surrounding you. The more you welcome this light and embrace it the easier it will become as the new shifts come in to integrate them. When you don’t let them in you will sit in patterns of uncertainty, fear anxiety or stress. The new frequency of light is all about love, wholeness, unity, peace, serenity, joy and all the higher notes. They are getting stronger and stronger for us to access them and bring them into our lives to remove the lower notes from our life. You should really allow the light in more. I am always really aware of the light through always focusing on light thoughts, light projections, and lighter feelings. In my moments of feeling sad or upset, I try to turn my focus toward coming back to that centre so I live grace more and more.

You can live further in the light by putting light through your house and surrounding your family members or friends with light. I surround my cat in light every single day and ask for her to have protection. I always strengthen my own aura with the light because when your aura is strong in the light you eliminate the ability for others projections to come near you and flip you or throw you off centre because you are strong in your own field of light.

When I studied Reiki and how to channel the light through our hands a peer of mine shared the story of when their car battery went flat so they put their hands above their battery and did some Reiki signs and it then started working. Our light is incredible in what it can do and I know this through doing healing and witnessing the light going into someone and changing their pain into wholeness. I have witnessed it in both mine and others.

I really encourage you to open yourself to more light in your life as it makes such a beautiful difference in your life. While you are reading this or listening to my Youtube speaking open your home to more light, let it flow through your rooms. I know from personal experience that things move faster and clearer for me in light-filled spaces.

It is known that from conception to this moment now, anytime you have had a fear, hurt or upset those filaments of life are stuck back in that experience so you want to clear those experiences so that all of you aligns up with the light and your life flows with greater ease.

Continue your light journey with me on my youtube video as I explore more in-depth the Story of LIGHT with St Germain.

by Dorothy Fraser

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